Let's take a little detour from Honolulu today

Where is Honolulu located?  Why is Honolulu popular?

 Honolulu is the capital and one of the most populous areas of the U.S. state of Hawaii.  About 80 percent of Hawaii's residents live in Honolulu County.  Both the county and the city are referred to as Honolulu because they are incorporated and administered as a single entity on the island of Oahu.

 Honolulu is one of the most famous cities in the world.  Even those who have never been to this city may be familiar with its name.  Hello friends!  In today's report we will know unknown facts about the popular city of Honolulu.

The name Honolulu translates into Bengali as "place of shelter".  Because this area is known for its serenity and harmonious living of the people.  Honolulu rose to prominence in the 12th century and later witnessed notable events such as the infamous Pearl Harbor attack.  It is currently considered a shipping and routing hub that connects the state of Hawaii with other territories and islands.

  first settlers on the islands of Honolulu were Polynesian explorers who arrived between 500 and 1000 CE.  First overseas voyage 1778 Captain James Cook did.  He was one of the most prominent explorers of the 18th century.  The Hawaiian monarchy declined in the late 19th to early 20th centuries.  The United States annexed Hawaii on February 22, 1900 and declared it an American state by 1959.  The city witnessed another tragedy during World War II.  Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Air Force causing many casualties.

Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and extends approximately 10 miles along the southeast coast of the island.  The town extends about 4 miles deep into the plains of Oahu at the foot of Kulau.  Honolulu is far from the US mainland, the closest point to Honolulu is Point Arena Lighthouse, which is about 3,787 km from Northern California.  The city of Honolulu is made up of several volcanic structures.  The narrow, flat coastal plain of the city of Honolulu has been developed for industrial and commercial reasons.  There are several residential areas of Honolulu on the inland ridges and valleys.  Downtown is the famous financial and government area, while Waikiki is the tourist district with Waikiki Beach.  The historic city of Pearl Harbor is located in Ewa District.  All these places attract millions of tourists every year.  There tourists can enjoy history-related landmarks or beach activities at beautiful natural sites.

 Honolulu's climate is tropical semi-arid.  This means the city stays warm throughout the year.  Mainly due to the rain-shadow effect and its location in the Pacific Ocean.  The average high temperature there is between about 27°C and 32°C, while the average low temperature is between 18°C ​​and 24°C.

 According to the latest 2020 US Census, Honolulu has a total population of about 343,000.  The population of the entire county is about 10 lakh 16 thousand.  Ethnically there are about 53 percent Asian, 18% American, 7% Native Hawaiian.  Honolulu's official languages ​​are Hawaiian and English.  Hawaiian is used in official state business.  The common language used for other formal business is Hawaiian

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