Some essential tips for travel preparation

 Going for a spin?  Did you pack the bag properly?

 In this article I am telling you what to take with you or what to take to make the trip enjoyable.

 Take brushes, pastes, shampoos, combs, creams/lotions, lip gels etc. in a separate small bag.  Men who shave regularly, don't forget to take razor-foam.  Women can carry makeup kit or other essentials in this bag.

 Keep nightwear, socks, underwear etc. in one side of the luggage.  Wear light and comfortable clothes for the night.  Especially if it is according to the weather where you are going.  Take socks, underwear, etc. for the number of days you will be staying.

 Camera is a very important accessory for travel.  Check if extra battery, memory card, charger is taken.  Don't make the mistake of keeping the laptop charger in your bag.

 Don't forget to take the mobile charger.  You can take an extra charger that will be kept inside the luggage.  Best of all, keep all chargers and gadgets in one bag.  Then you will find it easily when you need it.

 When friends go somewhere, be it in the country or abroad, all of them have to face the problem of not having enough charging points to charge their mobile cameras.  A small multiplug, along with a three-pin to two-pin converter is best to avoid this problem.

 Also, knowing the weather information of the place you will visit, you can pack your outdoor clothes.  You can also keep in mind the color of the environment where you go.  Just look on the internet.

You can't think of traveling without money.  According to the country or place you are going to, you must keep some amount of change with you and also keep the necessary dollars.  Keep the dollar purchase receipt with you.  Do not forget to keep the office NOC paper with you.

 Take a book or two with you.  Certainly not a great novel.  A light magazine or book is good.  You can read sitting on a plane or train.

 You can take notebook and pen with you.  If you suddenly get any important information, you can note it.  Apart from that, it cannot be said that seeing a beautiful place can also bring poetry to you.  Besides, pens will be needed in various places including immigration.

 The earphone can be taken while travelling.  And before you go, you must take your favorite song.  The journey will be more enjoyable if you travel with music.  And definitely free up phone space.  Otherwise you can't go there and take more pictures.

 Carry cap/hat, small umbrella as needed.  Handkerchiefs, wet tissues are very useful, so keep them with you.  It is very important to have light sniffing food and water.

 Keep necessary medicines with you.

 You can keep your address, destination address, number of a close friend or relative in your pocket or wallet.

 Try to pack your suitcase a day or two before.  Then, when everything is finished, think about what you forgot to take in your luggage!  You will remember something.

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