Travel and Diversification Minds:

The world is a collection of many varieties.  The Creator has decorated the earth with the hand of a skilled artist.  Dharani has become an endless treasure of forms and opulence with the combination of many forests-sea-desert-mountains.  Bored in the daily routine of life, the human mind is fascinated by the beauty of this vast world.  People are often informed about the strange and beautiful information in different parts of the world through reading books.  But his mind does not get peace without seeing it with his own eyes.  So the mind, like its free horizon, is in search of diversity, running from country to country to know the unknown, to see the unseen.  Above all for the perfection of the soul.  But it is possible to wander all over the vast world in a short life.  If not, the beauty-hungry human mind remains unsatisfied.  The lamentation of the unsatisfied soul echoes in the voice of the poet –

 'Bipula, how much do I know about this world?

 How many cities are the capitals of the country

 How many feats of man, how many rivers-valleys-indus-deserts,

 How many unknown beings, how many unfamiliar bodies

 Remained unaware. 

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