Relax under the sea

 If you are feeling good or bad today, this article is for you.  Today we will take you somewhere, we will go to see the beauty of the seabed.

  Hotel under the sea!  Thinking how this is possible.  The huge sea is above your head and you are eating all the delicious food sitting under it.  It beats a fairy tale.  But it is true that five-star hotels have been built under the sea in different countries of the world for travelers.  In these hotels, you can lie on your bed and enjoy the game of various aquatic animals under the sea and there will be only a small glass wall between you and the sharks.  Where the difference between night and day cannot be understood.  So you can take a break from the noisy world and enjoy the awesome beauty of the sea for a few days.  So let's know about some underwater hotels.


Itha Underwater Restaurant: 

The world's first underwater restaurant was built in Rangali Island, Maldives.  Located 5 meters below sea level, the restaurant is made entirely of glass and is surrounded by coral reefs and acrylic.  The main entrance to this restaurant is floating in the water, so you have to cross a floating wooden bridge before entering the restaurant.  And because this bridge is attached to the bottom of the sea with the help of ropes, it does not float away during low tide.  You can enjoy the Maldivian lobster and Western cuisine according to the menu of the restaurant while sitting under the sea with a 180 degree panoramic view.  Besides, 14-course meals can be ordered together here.  And for that you have to spend 120 to 250 usd.  However, it is very difficult to get a table in this restaurant.  So you have to reserve the table of this restaurant at least two weeks in advance.

Manta Resort:

 hotel is located on the floor of Manta Resort while floating in the sea.  The hotel is 250 meters from the beach and 4 meters under water.  You can enjoy the game of underwater animals while lying on the bed of this hotel.  If you don't feel like staying in a hotel room, there is also an opportunity for travelers to climb up the stairs.  Also, if you want to lie on the sea water under the open sky, you can go directly to the top roof of the hotel when you want to watch or sunbathe.  There you can spend time having tea or spreading your arms and legs.  The hotel has bathrooms and lounges on the roof of the hotel, which is almost at the level of the water.  In addition, the most common sight is a type of fish called 'Nik' and at night, squid and octopuses of various shapes can be seen.

 Jules Undersea Lodge: 

An underwater hotel named Jules Undersea Lodge has also been built in Florida, USA.  This hotel is built 21 feet below the water. To reach here, you have to dive under the water.  And this relatively small hotel does not have the opportunity to stay more than 4 people.  Here you will get all the conveniences of a citizen's life, starting from fridge, microwave, listening to music, watching pictures.  Besides, the most interesting thing about this hotel is the Internet system through WiFi under water.  You can use underwater internet here if you want.  But to spend the night here you have to spend 500 dollars.


Poseidon Undersea Resort:

An amazingly beautiful hotel named Poseidon Undersea Resort has been built under the sea in Fiji.  You can enjoy the wonderful beauty of the sea by sitting in this hotel.  However, to stay in this hotel, you have to book about two months in advance.  And to spend one night in this hotel in Fiji.However, this hotel has been built in a different way to attract tourists.  Each room in the hotel is 12 square meters.  Here you'll sleep in bed with blue whales floating in the water just eight feet above your head.

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