Why travel? 👉 Answer

 Boredom in working life There is fatigue at work.  You have to take some time out between work to eliminate body fatigue.  You know what doesn't go well with traveling to invigorate the body and mind.
 You can easily visit any place of your choice.  It can be in the country or outside the country.  Walking will fill your body and mind with tranquility.

 Besides, you will have new experience in different places due to travel, which will be useful in later life.

Peace of mind and body:

 Tell me who does not like to see the magic of nature.  Many things will fascinate you while traveling.  And the body and mind will bring the shade of tranquility.  As a result, you will be more energetic in the next work.
To know the unknown:

 Traveling to different places in the country and abroad will give you a lot of experience, which you have never had before.  Besides, how many things do you have to see in the world?
Knowledge will be heavy:

 Travel will enrich your knowledge.  For example, the Nile River in Egypt may have been read in many books.  But if you visit the Nile once, you will realize how important the visual experience is than the book.
Opportunity to make new friends:

 Traveling to new places gives you the opportunity to meet many different types of people.  While traveling, you can develop good friendships with different people along the way.
Thinking about the future:

 Traveling alone will give you the opportunity to make many important decisions about the future.  You will get a chance to focus on yourself.  You can discover many qualities of yourself by traveling alone, which will increase your efficiency manifold.  Due to the acquisition of many new experiences, the ability to make correct decisions about the future will increase.
Work as you like:

 Travel will teach you what to do and what not to do.  Apart from this, you will learn how to love yourself through traveling alone.

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