Some essential tips for travel preparation..

                         travel preparation...


 Going for a spin?  Did you pack the bag properly?

 In this article I am telling you what to take with you or what to take to make the trip enjoyable.

Travel tips

 Take brushes, pastes, shampoos, combs, creams/lotions, lip gels etc. in a separate small bag.  Men who shave regularly, don't forget to take razor-foam.  Women can carry makeup kit or other essentials in this bag.

 Keep nightwear, socks, underwear etc. in one side of the luggage.  Wear light and comfortable clothes for the night.  Especially if it is according to the weather where you are going.  Take socks, underwear etc. for the number of days you will be staying. 

 Camera is a very important accessory for travel..

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